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We Take Care Of Your Loving Pet

Dog Walker at the Park
Feeding Guinea Pig


Our online prescriptions are £13
Please allow 48 hours for any repeat medication requests.


Small animals and Equine

Basset Hound Check-Up
Yorkshire Terrier at the Vet

Small animal surgeries

An endless list of surgeries such as Caesareans, castrations, bitch spays, hernias repairments, orthopaedic surgeries, lump removals, abdominal surgeries, eye surgeries and many many more.

Preventative Medicine

Vaccinations, Microchipping, flea and worm treatment


Laboratory Analysis

Laboratory testing 5 days a week

Dental treatment

Extractions, Gingivitis and descaling

Dog in Action
Eating Puppy


We kindly ask for payment on the day and for our clients to claim back directly. There is a small admin fee applicable.

Orthopaedic surgeries

Cruciate Ligaments, Fractures, Luxating patellas and more

Veterinarian with Dog
Training of Foals


A high level of services for your horse.

Lameness investigation

Pre-purchase exams

Ultrasound scanning

Small animal and equine

Cat and Dog

Digital Radiology

Small animal and Equine