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Get to know our patients

Minstrel (1).jpeg


Dancing on ice

Minstrel came to see Carlota in January after slipping on some ice while out on a walk.

He had a double metacarpal fracture, shown in the highlighted radiograph below. 

After 10 weeks of nonsurgical treatment, Minstrel's paw has healed and he's back to his favourite hobbies: chasing squirrels and trips to the pub with his dad

Minstrel (7)_edited.jpg
Minstrel (12)_edited.jpg
Minstrel xray side by side - highlighted.PNG
Minstrel (7)_edited.jpg


Gummy bear

Peter saw Dusty in March for a lump that's been growing on his gum since he was a puppy.

10 year old Dusty had the epulis removed surgically and has been able to enjoy his chew toys ever since



Keeping warm

Duggie came in to us for a general heath check. 

He was delighted to be given a full bill of health and get back to zooming around the countryside with his older brother, Muppet.

Freddie and his Teddy 


We were all very lucky to have a visit from Freddie and his Teddy.  They go everywhere together and give each other moral support in every day life.
Freddie was such a good boy during his Health Check.
Just look at his smile while holding Teddy - adorable


Young at heart

Meet the handsome Aslan who is our oldest (but young at heart) fur Grandad - 22 years young
He came in to see us for a general blood test and was very well behaved. Aslan is such a gentle soul and we wish him lots of purrfect feline dreams

Aslan _edited.jpg
Kitten media.jpg

Persian Love

Cuteness Overload

These 2 bundles of joy came in to see us for their first Kitten Health Check. They also received lots of cuddles from all of the staff

That Face

The face of Innocence

They say dont judge a book by its cover but with this little one he is as cute and innocent as they get - when he was on his own away from his siblings that is!

French pup _edited.jpg
Dallas puppies.jpg

Puppy Love

Dobermann puppies first visit to us for their 1st vaccinations.  Their characters were wonderful and we welcome them back for their 2nd vaccination in 2-3 weeks

Stunning Bengal


Showing off for the camera is Emmie before and after her Cat Spay

Emmie pic 3
Emmie pic
Emmie pic 2
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